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Book Clubs

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Last week, Leisure Villas hosted a BBQ lunch in one of our 55+ communities.

We utilized the large BBQ grill on the pool deck and grilled burgers. There was also potato salad, chips, soft drinks, and ice cream.

The one catch, was that we got to take photo and video of the party. We had a good turnout, and met with several happy customers.

While we were taking video, a group used the opportunity to promote a book club.

More than just a book club

Getting together

The hardest part about setting a group up, is putting yourself out there. Many of us would love the opportunity to make new friends and find activities we can do together. Whether this is sharing a hobby, such as reading, or getting motivated to exercise with a partner, the challenge is knowing that someone else out there is probably wanting to do something also.

Recently, my wife put together a running group. She loves that form of exercise. She wanted to find a partner that would go with her, but was always too nervous that either nobody would want to go running, or that anyone who was willing to run with her would be too athletic of a runner, and leave her in the dust.

After years of talking about it, she finally found a partner that would run with her. The funny thing is, within a month or two, as others found out, her group blossomed to include about 5 or 6 other women. Every week, it seems like someone new is jumping into the group.

What made me laugh was when I was talking to one of those lady’s husbands. He said that his wife knew about this small running group for at least a month, but hesitated joining. She was afraid that she’d be too slow for their group, or not be as welcomed since she’d be a newcomer.

Now she hardly misses a running day, and they all love it.

I guess it’s human nature to be nervous, but most of us will never say that in this life we made too many friends. If we do, it’s because we made the wrong sorts, and those probably aren’t really friends anyway.

So I applaud this group who pushed to form a book club. It takes courage to promote something you’re interested in. I honestly think they’re going to have a great time and find a lot of wonderful lasting friendships because of it.

Other groups

While I was at the party, I met a man who’d started either a Wednesday movie matinee or a movie night (I can’t remember which). Since the clubhouse has a theater room with nice reclining leather chairs, why not fill up on popcorn and enjoy a little company. Movies are always better when watched with friends anyway.

I don’t know what other groups were going on in that community, but some popular ones I’ve seen in the past have been Zumba, water aerobics, game nights, service clubs, billiard tournaments, morning coffee clubs, temple visits, and more.

Most of our communities are large enough that no matter what your interests, you’ll likely find someone who shares a similar hobby. So go ahead, make an invitation. See who shows up. You might be surprised how many people were wanting that exact thing but were hesitant to say something.


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