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Why You Should Be Thinking About Christmas Today

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It’s still 85+ degrees outside, and you want us to think about Christmas?

Yes, and no.

With Labor day under our belts now, we’re about ready to usher in the fall. If you’re 55 or older, and have been considering a move, then yes, maybe you should have Christmas in mind.

You don’t have to get crazy buying gifts yet, but if you want to move into a new home before the holidays, then you need to make those plans today.

Timing your home purchase in this market

When is the latest I can buy a home and still be in by Christmas?

There is still time, but not much. This year has proven to be a hot year for home sales. Most of our homes are usually sold out well before it’s time to move in.

If you’d like to make the move to one of our fantastic senior communities, don’t delay. We have two communities that still have homes available for closing before the end of the year.

Our Midas Creek Villas community in Herriman has only a couple homes left for a closing this year, and our Villas at Waters Edge in Vineyard has just started finishing their first few buildings and will have a few more available very soon.

Another reason to buy now:

By the time Thanksgiving arrives, most people are too busy with the holidays to devote much time to house hunting and moving. With the stress of the holidays, why would you want the added stress of moving?

From what we’ve seen, November and December are quiet home selling months. This means that if you are trying to sell a home of your own, you might be in for a few extra weeks of delay.

Starting the process of selling your home now, reduces the risk of your having to sell your home during the peak holiday months. At the same time, you’ll want to secure your new home before it’s too late.

You don’t need to turn on the Christmas music yet.

Just because its time to think about Christmas, planning your move with adequate foresight doesn’t mean that you have to be in by the end of the year. There are plenty of good deals to be had between now and then.

Since November and December often slow down, many builders avoid raising prices if at all possible for the last couple months of the year. But as soon as the holidays pass, all bets are off, and the market usually pushes and shoves where it will.

You don’t have to move in by the end of the year, but if you’re planning on moving anyway, then getting a home under contract around this time will ensure that you get the home you want before the spring rush.

Whenever you choose to move, be sure that Leisure Villas is your partner. We’ve been building exclusive retirement communities for active adults for nearly two decades. When it comes to knowing your needs, we’ve got you covered.

Others may claim to build senior communities, but most of them don’t understand you. On top of that, most of their communities only market to the 55+ crowd, but have no legal means to keep the younger people out. Ours do have that legal distinction. Stop and by and see why everyone prefers our communities over the competition.

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