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5 Halloween Ideas For Seniors

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Question: What could be more fun than October?

Answer: Living in a 55+ community, in October, of course!

Retirees know how to have fun. Combine that with a neighborhood full of fun active adults, and you have the ultimate recipe for holiday cheer.

With so much to do, lets kick off the holiday season with some fun Halloween ideas that will really get your spirits soring.

What To Do This Fall


Have a Halloween photoshoot

What is Halloween all about? For many of us, it’s about seeing people in fun costumes, saying hello to our neighbors, and getting candy.

That sounds like a lot of fun.

So why then, do we think that kids are the only ones who should be dressing up?

I would suggest that dressing up is not only childsplay. The coolest thing about dressing up as an adult, is that you probably have a lot more skill than most kids do. You could also come up with some super awesome outfits for some super awesome characters that most kids would never think about.

If you want to ramp this up a bit, see if there’s someone in your 55+ community who knows how to use photoshop. Most likely there is. Supply them with a cool background that fits your character, and you can have them add your picture to that background.

I’ve seen this turn out awesome before. Folks have even used the photoshoot as the backdrop to a community calendar.

Pumpkin carving

This could be a really fun activity to do as a group. Maybe you and your neighbors would like to turn it into a competition, or maybe you’d like to put together a party at the clubhouse and invite all your grandkids for a grand carving festival.

Are you tired of ordinary pumpkin carving? Think outside the box by sticking a few fancy gourds together and see what you can come up with.

While you’re in the spirit of decorating, you could even make some scarecrows or anything you can dream up.

One last pool party

If your community swimming pool hasn’t been winterized yet, then pick one of the few remaining nights that we still have left, and get a party organized. Set a few lit jack-o-lanters around the pool deck, rent a fog machine for $20, and get some monster mash music playing in the background. Don’t forget to bring out the treats.

It may be a little nippy, but this may be one of the last times you can enjoy the pool before winter hits. Maybe you could even call it your pool closing party.

Haywagon ride

We all know someone who has a small tractor or four wheeler. Hitch up a small trailer and stack a few bails of straw on, and you got yourself a fun way to shuttle grandkids around the neighborhood.

I remember seeing this done once. They found a local farmer with a tractor and had about thirty kids stacked on the back. It was almost like a parade, only the spectators were the ones handing out candy.

You can bet, by the time they made their rounds, those kids had a year supply of goodies in their bags.


This is one of my favorites. Over the years, you’ve collected some pretty good stories. Some true, some—almost true. Set up a stage. Keep it all adults, or make it kid friendly and invite your grandchildren. Get all your neighbors to prepare a 5 minute story. They can involve puppets, acting, or pictures.

Have fun with it. Practice your story beforehand, and prepare to entertain and to be entertained.

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