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55+ Communities Aren’t Just About Adults

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Often we like to extol the great advantages that can magnify your already wonderful retirement into something truly amazing.

Sometimes though, we get so focused on you, that we forget that YOU often includes your children and grandchildren.

Yes, they are a blessing, one of the best parts of your life. So we’d be amiss if we didn’t address how a 55+ community can benefit them.

“But wait?” you ask, “They’re not over 55. What could a senior community possibly have to offer to my kids and grandkids?”

Well, lets take a moment to discuss the benefits of these age restricted communities, from their perspective.

How can an age restricted community benefit my kids and grandkids?

Their wants

We know what you want. We do a pretty good job at delivering that, too. But your kids and grandkids can’t be ignored. Let’s start with your grandkids. When I was young, I loved visiting my grandparents. At the time, I was fortunate enough to have both sets of them.

Different things stick in my memory. At one of their homes, I remember always having games and books. It was fun chasing their cats and dogs, getting them to read to me, and playing with those giant Lego styled blocks. I remember eating a lot of Sunday dinners there and playing in their large (or so it seemed at the time) collapsible swimming pool.

At my other grandparent’s home, there was a lot more family that would come and visit. The fun there revolved mostly on playing with cousins or sitting around swapping stories of the old days. We had fewer dinners here, but there was always extra cookies.

Both sets of grandparents were fun to visit, and for different reasons. They loved having us over, and we loved visiting.

Your adult kids might also have some things they like, but these are often very different from what your grandkids want. Granted, they love your company, and sure, some of them love the fact that you can sometimes babysit for them, but they want something else that they don’t always like to admit. Your adult children want you to be happy. That’s not the hard part for them to admit. The hard part is believing that the house you’re in now might not be the best option for you.

You did your best raising them, and now that they’ve moved out, they want the best for you. Not only do they hope you’ll have plenty of friends and neighbors to relate to, but they also want to make sure you’re in a place that is more friendly to your age.

Why should you have to keep mowing your lawn or shoveling your snow now that the kids are gone? What if that aching knee needs surgery in a couple years, or other health issues take their toll? Wouldn’t it be nice to live in a home that has no stairs?

It’s surprising how many younger adults stop by our communities, can see the benefits of this lifestyle for their parents, and don’t know how to broach the topic with their parents. It’s clear that they want to treat their parents good after all the hard work that the parents put into raising them.

Your resources

What kind of things would you have, if you moved to one of Leisure Villas’ 55+ communities?

You’d get a great home, obviously, with large open floorplans that are great for entertaining family. While many people are trying to downsize their homes by moving here, you’ll find that there is still plenty of extra room to entertain guests, have toy rooms, or even sleep overs.

You’ll also have access to the community clubhouse. Most of our clubhouses have a library, and exercise room (though this exercise room is reserved for residents only), a kitchenette, a large party room, billiards, and a swimming pool with a summer deck, complete with courtesy BBQ grill and picnic tables.

Also, many of our communities are located near walking trails and other city amenities.

Your gain is their gain

I don’t know about you, but as a kid, this place would have been paradise. Your grandkids will love the amenities in your clubhouse.

Your adult children will love the open floorplans for gathering together and visiting, not to mention the peace of mind that you are finally treating yourself to a lifestyle that rewards a lifelong of hard work, spend in raising your family.

All around, moving into a 55+ community is the right move. We aren’t assisted living. We are all about upscaling your retirement. Come give us a casual visit. Not everyone is familiar with the 55+ lifestyle that we offer. We’re sure you’ll be impressed, and we can’t wait to meet you!


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