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The Villas At Legacy Farms, Now Selling

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Great news everybody!

If you’ve been looking for a 55+ community in Saratoga Springs, we’ve opened up a brand new development and are now selling homes to folks 55 and older.

Okay, okay, I know, you’re probably thinking this is just another plug for one of our adult communities. So why should you even be excited about it?

Well, this subdivision is a little unique. It has access to more amenities than most you’ve visited. It even has more than many we’ve built.

So what’s so special about this place?

Let’s talk about it:

55+ Community in Utah with the most to do


We hear so often that moving is all about location. We’ve heard it so much that it often becomes cliché. Today, is not one of those days.

Saratoga Springs is a nice place to live, there’s no doubt about that. However, when you hear that we have a new 55+ community in Saratoga, you might not fully grasp how cool this really is.

This is because we haven’t positioned this community just anywhere in Saratoga, we’ve placed it in the most prime location possible. We couldn’t have found a better piece of dirt for an active adult location than this.

Okay, so we have a new community in Saratoga, what’s so neat about this wonder-spot?

Local awesomeness

Have you ever heard of the Jordan River Parkway? This is the trail that follows the Jordan river from Utah Lake clear past Thanksgiving point and up into Salt Lake. Guess what? The trailhead for this starts at this community!

That’s right, you’ll be perfectly positioned to take advantage of this trail, since you’ll be living on the corner of 400 S. and Saratoga Road.

But wait, that’s just the tip of the iceberg. This same trail splits off and becomes the Utah Lake Parkway Trail also. Two awesome walking and biking trails outside your front door!

Great, so we have a couple walking trails woopty do. Is that all?

Not hardly.

Across the road in one direction you have the Inlet park. This is beautiful gateway to Saratoga Springs wetlands. On the surface, there is a park for your grandkids, something I’m sure you and they’ll appreciate, but just a little deeper into the park, shrouded by cattails, is the Saratoga Hot Springs. Relax in this natural hot tub and soak away the worries of your day.

I’d love to live in a community with such easy access to these things, but if that weren’t enough, how about having a little league baseball park across from your other road? Saratoga has just built a brand new baseball park, perfect for an evening out with your spouse or neighbors when all you want is a snow cone and to relax while the local kids entertain you with their athletic prowess.

If it’s just views you want, well, how about an unimpeded view of the lakeshore, with the mountains as a backdrop? The scenery here is undeniably beautiful, especially if you’re an early riser and get a chance to see the Sun cresting up over the mountains and filling the West shore with golden wonder.

Best Company

Not only are we Utah’s best company for building 55 and older communities, but you will be in the best of company when you choose to live here with folks just like you, who appreciate the wonderful amenities we provide, along with the spectacular bonus’s that this location has to offer.

To learn more, call Donna or Alli at 801-701-1147.



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