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Our Latest Double Master Floorplan

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Several years ago, our senior communities looked a little different than they do today. As each year goes by, we like to sit down and evaluate our designs, make sure that we’re still building the most current and functional homes that we can.

As our floorplans have evolved, we lost one which had an interesting concept. This was a double master suite.

In essence, there are a certain number of people who would like two bedrooms, with each one having the same characteristics as a master bedroom.

Luxury suites for 55+ communities

The allure of a double master

Many of you might be wondering why we think this is going to be such a popular floorplan. There’s a few reasons.


If you’re living in a 55+ community, then many of your visiting guests are likely to be your children or grandchildren. If these married children of yours are visiting from out of state, and staying with you, they will definitely appreciate having a nicer room with an attached bathroom.


Over the years, we’ve seen a lot of things. I’ve known several folks over 55 years old that brought their aging parents in to live with them so that they could care for them. Having a second master bedroom is great, so that you don’t make your mom feel like a second-class resident in your home.


Many of you have lived with your spouse for years. Your love for each other is unquestioned, but for one reason or another, you’d both sleep better if you had your own rooms. Maybe one of you tosses and turns all night, maybe one of you snores like a roaring bear, and maybe one of you has forgotten how to sleep. I’ve even seen some couples who like to keep the TV on at night, but they each prefer to fall asleep to different shows.

Whatever the reason, I’ve seen many married couples who’ve opted for separate bedrooms. If this describes you, then wouldn’t you like to have your separate bedroom be just as nice as your spouses?

The Stratford

Our new floorplan, called the Stratford, is our latest attempt at providing you with the best value in retired living. At this time, we’ve begun construction of this plan in two of our new active adult communities.

In the Villas At Waters Edge, our Vineyard community, we’ve recently poured a foundation for our very first version of this plan. It will be nearly as large as our Grandview floorplan, which is our largest. We expect this home to be completed and ready to show by either the end of this year, or the beginning of next year.

The other community where we’ve started this is in our Midas Creek Villas Community in Herriman. This one is a few weeks behind our Vineyard community, so they should both be finishing near enough to each other.

If you’re curious to see how this lays out before we have anything to walk through, feel free to visit any of our sales offices. We have handouts that can give you a feel for the interior of these new plans. We’re sure this is going to be a great selling floorplan. Check it out. Maybe it’s what you’ve been needing.


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