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The Park Next To The Villas At Pioneer Crossing Is Finished

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Recently, we finished building a 55+ community in Lehi, on the corner of Pioneer Crossing and Center Street. This neighborhood is all sold out now, but just to the south of it, we agreed to build a park for the city.

After several delays, the park was completed last week. There might still be a few touch-ups here and there, and people are discouraged from walking on the new grass for a couple weeks, but aside from that, it is finished, and it looks good.

A brand new park.

Who is it for?

I recently got a phone call asking if there would be any kid’s playground toys installed into this park. The simple answer, is no. I’ve heard rumor (just rumor) that there might be another child’s playground planned close by, maybe even across the street from this, but I haven’t confirmed this rumor.

As for this park, it was designed for the other 75% of the population, being teenagers through seniors.

On the west end, there is a large grass field that the city wants to use for youth soccer games, or other similar sort of activities.

On the east end, is a picnic pavilion, and horse-shoe pits.

Sandwiched between these two areas, are the tennis and pickleball courts. Unlike other setups, which have heavy fixtures to move for transitioning a tennis court to a pickleball court, or back again, this one has a dedicated tennis court, and dedicated pickleball courts, the latter of which, has been growing in popularity for the last few years, especially among seniors.

In fact, you could say, that seniors started the pickleball trend, and now the youth are catching on to it.

Surrounding the whole park, is a nice walking trail that allow one to take in the scenery and serenity of the place.

Future amenities:

We’ve long been aware of the rising popularity of pickleball among the 55 and older crowd. While this park isn’t exclusively for the residents of our neighboring subdivision, the courts were added with full knowledge that they would likely want to take advantage of it.

This could almost be considered a trial run for us. We’ve always included some amenities in our senior communities, such as: swimming pools, exercise rooms, theaters, billiards, and more.

For many years, we strive to build value for our customers. We promote a safe, clean, fun environment for active adults who understand the benefits of living in a planned community like the ones we specialize in.

While the size of the community often dictates the number of amenities that we include, pickleball courts are quickly becoming a hot topic among our discussions. We look forward to hearing back from our friends who’ve moved into the Villas at Pioneer Crossing to see how well they take advantage of those courts.

If you live in that particular 55+ community, let us know what you think about this park. Do you use it? Has it become a source of fun for the neighborhood? If you have any other thoughts or comments about the park, please let us know.

We loved this opportunity to build a park and experiment with other possible amenities that we might consider in future communities.

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