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Not All 55+ Communities Are Genuine

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It seems that other builders in Utah have taken notice of what we’re doing. Frankly, I’m surprised it took them this long. But in the last five years, I’ve heard of a few other 55+ communities being marketed around here.

A couple years ago, we even had some builders visit, and start taking pictures of our models, communities, and marketing. They weren’t very subtle about it either.

While there may be a few copycats out there, it’s important to keep Leisure Villas at the top of your list, and not just because we’re the experts at building these senior communities, but because we actually give you a real, dedicated 55 and older community.

Leisure Villas Builds True 55+ Communities

Don’t they all do that?

So you’ve seen the advertisements for other retirement communities, and you’re wondering, what’s this about not being a true senior community?

Well, its true, many other builders will call their communities “Senior” or “55+”, and yet, for them, it’s only a marketing campaign.

True senior communities are legally bound to discriminate against people who are under 55 years old. According to the law, a HUD approved senior community has to guarantee that at least 80% of its primary residents are over 55.

So what does this mean for you?

Well, If they are a 55+ community in marketing only, then they don’t really have to sell to seniors.

Why would they market it this way, if they aren’t a true senior community?

Well, they do this to hedge their investment. If they can’t sell the homes fast enough in your community, this gives them the chance to sell to younger families.

If there aren’t tools in place to ensure that your community stays age restricted, then when people re-sell their home, they could sell to anyone of any age. Once they start doing this, your 55+ community turns into a regular subdivision. This totally defeats the whole reason you bought into one of these communities.

Unlike some of these other fake 55+ communities, Leisure Villas only builds true, age restricted communities. We are the real deal.

What else makes our communities more suitable for seniors?

Seniors and soon to be seniors, will enjoy the fact that our homes are designed around you, your mobility now, and in the future. This is why most all our homes are ADA adaptable.

You may have no problem with stairs now, but who’s to say what the next 10 years will bring for you or your spouse. We often spend thousands of extra dollars to ensure that our homes don’t have stairs going in from the front door or the garage. The only time we have stairs, is if our buyers request a bonus room.

Aside from this, we also make sure that all your doorways are wide enough for wheelchairs if ever this becomes a necessity.

The homes that we build, are designed to help you live better, get around easier, and enjoy the company of other great people that are around your same age.

A home built for the masses is not a home built for you. At Leisure Villas, we truly build a niche product, tailored just for you.

So next time you’re out shopping 55+ communities, check and see if it’s a Leisure Villas community. There are a few copycats out there, some even from big recognizable developers, but most of them don’t really specialize in age restricted developments. However, a Leisure Villas community is a sure bet, every time.

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