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Utah Warning: Spring Fever In Full Force

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The cold and flu season is nearly gone.


Was it just me, or did this year seem particularly bad for catching bugs?

Now we’ve got a new thing to worry about—Spring Fever. Even if you skipped the winter bugs, this one is likely to hit you hard.

Sure, it’s been spring temperatures for a while now, but with the lawnmowers going, blossoms on the trees, and comfortable weather, the great outdoors are practically begging us to play.

If you are 55 years old or better, you might not want to spend the whole Spring and Summer messing around with your yard. There’s always so much to do around this time of year.

Instead, how about enjoying the sun before it gets uncomfortably hot?

Senior Communities aren’t the slow paced places you might be thinking of. Living in an active adult community, like the ones we build, are the perfect way to weather this seasonal feeling.

There’s no vaccination for it.

This is the time to play:

How can living in a 55+ community help you enjoy the season better?


These homes are built with your active lifestyle in mind. Everyone is closer to your age, so you get more chances to make lasting friendships. You also get to live in a home where all the yardwork and exterior maintenance is taken care of for you.

This leaves you with time to do what you really love.

There’s hiking, swimming, boating, touring, or simply hanging out at the pool with your kids or grandkids. Where else in the country are you going to find so much beauty and opportunity than in Utah.

We seriously have some of the most beautiful mountains to enjoy, great lakes and ponds to play in, and several diverse landscapes for all types of hobbies.

Good spring ideas:

There’s so much to do, I’ll name a few:

Rock and gem hunting: Have you ever been to one of Utah’s gem shows? They’re fascinating. Did you know that many of the cool crystals, rocks, and petrified wonders are easily found, here in Utah? You’ve got geodes and topaz only an hour and a half drive from Utah county. There’s gold panning all over. See what you can discover all across Utah. But be careful, it can be addicting.

How are those knees? We keep stairs out of your homes, but if you still like a good hike, there’s plenty of trails for all levels of hiking enthusiasts, or even hiking amateurs. When’s the last time you toured Timpanogas Cave? Have you seen the Buffalo on Antelope Island? Whether you live in Weber, Davis, Salt Lake, or Utah county, the mountains to both the East and the West are full of short and long hikes. Have a scenic picnic, take a day trip, maybe camp a night or two. There’s so much to see, right in our own back yard.

Want to go a little farther from home? The Uintas, Moab and Lake Powell are within a day’s drive. You don’t even need to rough it or own your own RV. There’s plenty of affordable hotels and motels that are so near so many wonderful destination spots.

Have any good ideas?

Let us know if you have any great ideas that we haven’t mentioned here.

Better yet, let the neighbors in your 55+ community know your ideas. The only thing better than enjoying this great weather outdoors, is to enjoy it with a friend.

Leisure Villas is all about providing an environment where you can enjoy life to the fullest. Sure we strive to build a good house. But if you’re at or nearing retirement, you’ve likely discovered that life is a journey, not a destination. This journey it is to be savored.

Enjoy your journey. Smile more, play more, make more friends, and if you catch Spring Fever, embrace it and live it up to the best of your ability. After all, you’ve earned it!

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