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The Villas At Pioneer Crossing Swimming Pool Opens This Week

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At our 55+ community in Lehi, we just had snow a couple weeks ago. Now we’re fretting about our lawns drying out!

Well that’s springtime in Utah for you. A roller coaster seasons, all fighting to have the last say.

At least we know who’s going to eventually win, and that will be warm temperatures, because we are now entering May.

It may not feel balmy every day, but in our Villas At Pioneer Crossing community, we’re looking forward to Summer.

When can we start swimming?

Last year we opened late.

By the time the pool was open last year, the summer was half over. We’ll not be repeating that again in our newest Lehi community. That delay was due to some construction issues. Now that everything is built, we’re ready for a full season of poolside fun.

We’re planning on opening the pool on May 1st this year. There might still be a few chilly days ahead, but we’re planning on a Summer of fun, and you should too.

Who can use the pool?

As a reminder, this swimming pool is meant for all residents of the Villas At Pioneer Crossing community. Having said that, you are more than welcome to bring your kids or grandkids over for a swim. After all, that’s part of the joy of living in a senior community like this. You get to live and enjoy life the way it was meant to be, with friends and family.

Just remember, if you’re bringing family over that doesn’t live with you, you must be present at the pool with them.

Oh yeah, and your dog is not a qualified member of the family. Please don’t bring them swimming with you.

Consider the possibilities

Since we’ve sold every home in your community, we’ll be turning the HOA over to you soon. We’re just waiting for a few more homebuyer to close on their new homes, and you’ll be ready.

This means, that you will not have us around for more than a couple months, at least, not like we have been there. Don’t worry, warranty will still be taken care of. However, you will have full control of your HOA.

At Leisure Villas, we care more about fostering an environment of fun, friendly, neighbor-centric lifestyle. You moved into a 55+ community to be around folks like you. That means that most of you enjoy good people and good company. It’s time to fully take advantage of your community.

You have a wonderful clubhouse that is full of potential. The swimming pool is just one small portion of that. We highly encourage your activities committee, or even you as an individual to find ways of bringing each other together.

Examples from other communities have included: Morning water aerobics, lap swimming, or afternoon or evening BBQ’s around the pool, and more. Find the fun and make some more friends. Summer is a great time to be out and enjoying the good life.

We look forward to hearing any good stories or memories that you make here in your new home. Thank you for choosing Leisure Villas. We all wish you a stellar Summer!

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