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Top 10 Reasons NOT To Move Into A 55+ Community?

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I spend a lot of time writing about seniors and why they should move into a 55+ community. For obvious reasons, I neglect to mention why they should not move into one of our awesome Utah neighborhoods.

Are there reasons not to move?

I know it’s a stretch, but yes, I have interviewed several active adults who could move into these luxurious homes and have compiled a list of actual reasons they choose not to move.

I know this is out of character for me, but let’s go ahead and list them anyway.

Maybe you can relate?


Maybe these reasons aren’t that applicable to you?

What’s Not To Love About A 55+ Community, (in no particular order)

Reason 1: I don’t want to give up my yard

It’s true, something about owning your own yard, mowing your own lawn, weeding, fertilizing, spraying, pruning, maintaining your yard tools, and still just having an average yard is quite appealing.

I love all those things too.

Why anyone would give up all of that for a perfectly manicured, maintenance free yard that can out-compete the Jones’s is beyond me. Sure, the landscaping is better in a Leisure Villas community, sure it’s done by the sweat of someone else’s brow, and sure there’s plenty of greenspace and areas for me to enjoy and plant my own garden, but if I can’t put up a fence around it and let those dandelions grow in a little thicker, then it won’t feel right!

Reason 2: I don’t want to share a wall with my neighbor

Who would want to share a wall with their neighbor? Sharing is over-rated anyway. I got the sharing merit badge already.

If I was to share a wall with my neighbor, I would require that I have my own wall and have it be insulated, and that they had a similar wall of their own. I’d also want something thick in between those two walls. While you’re at it, I’d also require that the garage take up most of that common wall. Nobody, especially me, wants to hear my neighbor’s TV.

What’s that?

Leisure Villas already builds them like that?

Well, um-ah, It’s the principle of the matter.

Reason 3: I can’t afford to move

Whether you have money but every home seems too expensive now days, or for one reason or another you are strapped for cash, you might think that you can’t afford a home.

Well, you can’t.

Not with an attitude like that at least.

If you believe that you can’t afford a new home in a 55+ community by Leisure Villas, then you’re not likely going to look into all the ways that you can afford it, like using a reverse mortgage to buy a new home. There’s a little misinformation out there about reverse mortgages. It might not hurt to ask a mortgage professional and get the glorious facts.

Or, you can keep telling yourself that you’re stuck in the money pit of a house that you now occupy, and that’s that.

Reason 4: I can get around just fine where I’m at

Stairs are good for you. So is yardwork. How else are you going to get your physical activity in? Maybe a Leisure Villas community has an exercise room. Maybe you’ll have more free time to get out and be active.

The problem is, you’re getting older, and the next couple decades are not going to be as easy as the first fistful of decades. So why should you give up all those stairs? After all, shouldn’t you enjoy them while you still have the luxury of being able to climb them?

I’m pretty sure that you won’t regret staying where you’re at, at least, not for a couple more years.

Reason 5: I’ve established roots in my current neighborhood

Everyone and their dog knows who you are. You’ve all swapped casseroles for the last two decades whenever one of you was having a bad week. They even wave to you when you walk by to get your mail.

It’s hard to leave a street full of so many great people and move into a large community, filled with even more great people, who want to establish strong roots and friendships with you, who actually have the time to chat with you at your mailbox and set up lunch dates, game nights, or other get-togethers.

And while there is more of them closer to your age and lifestyle, all eager to welcome you into their neighborhood, you just know that all your current neighbors will be totally offended if you move away from them, so much so, that they’ll probably never want to talk to you again.

Reason 6: I don’t want to live around a bunch of old people

How horrible that would be, you think, as you shake your cane at the kids who just rode their bikes through your petunias. Maybe if those kid’s parents didn’t blare their radio so loud, their kids could develop proper manners.

What were we talking about again? Oh yeah, if you lived in a community full of old people, you’d feel too young.

Most active adults don’t know how to enjoy life like you, either.

It would probably be too boring, and you probably wouldn’t meet anybody interesting or that you have anything in common with.

Reason 7: I have too much stuff

Do you see that Ken doll, with the real hair, and the crayon all over it’s face? They haven’t made that for over twenty years. It’ll be worth something someday. Can’t get rid of that, besides, the grandkids play with it every now and then. Ooh, and that thing over there…

Yes, your house is full of memories, used collectables, old furniture, more old furniture, and I think I saw an exercise bike or treadmill somewhere around there.

It would be too hard to part with all that stuff. Besides, one of your biggest hobbies is dusting. Cleaning would be too easy if you decluttered your house and moved into something more manageable.

Plus, if you got rid of all your excess now, your kids wouldn’t inherit anything to throw away for themselves when you die.

Reason 8: Moving is too stressful

Forget moving.

Just thinking of moving makes your brain hurt.

You could hire a professional moving company to do it all for you while you’re cruising along the Caribbean, getting your picture taken with Mickey Mouse, and dining in luxury, but… Moving companies are probably too expensive, anyways. It’s a wonder any of them stay in business.

Also, if you did as I just described, you’d miss out on watching your family or church group bang up your furniture while they decide five different ways to get your couch out the front door; you’d miss out on crashing at your kid’s house while you’re in-between houses; you’d even miss out on a little heavy lifting of your own.

After all, moving is stressful, so you’re going to stress!

Reason 9: I want a bigger home

Bigger is better, and that’s the American way. Who cares if you don’t want to clean that much space. Who cares if you won’t even use it all.

We’ve all seen people who spend their hard-earned money on more space, sometimes at the sacrifice of quality. I went to a Parade of Homes one year and toured somebody’s McMansion. I had to laugh as I looked at the sheetrock job. I could have surfed on those waves.

However, since bigger is always better than, well, better, you’re probably better off not moving. Just don’t come visit any of our models, because you might find that our open floorplans are bigger and better than you think.

Reason 10: HOA’s are evil

Home Owners associations are comprised mainly of home owners. So that must mean that home owners are evil, and who wants to live in a community of home owners?

Granted, there have been some poorly run HOA’s that you’ve heard of. Most of them are likely apartment condo communities, rather than communities filled with retired or nearly retired home owners who care about the community they live in. But hey, if they’re bad for one, they must be bad for them all.

Besides, if everyone’s property is maintained to the same high standard, how are you going to compare your yard to your neighbors if theirs looks just as great as yours?

On top of that, they charge monthly dues. Sure you’d still spend just as much or more at your current home, but rather than be billed for it each month, you could just glaze over the costs in your credit card summaries. That’s a lot easier to swallow. Plus, why would you want the added benefit of a clubhouse with a pool, billiards, library, theater, and gathering room? I’m sure you’d have a hard time finding any excuses to even use such an amenity.


Ok, so I’ll admit, most of these “reasons” are really just excuses to avoid treating yourself better. Hopefully you’ve come to the same conclusion. The funny thing is, I truly didn’t make any of these up. These are actual reasons why some people would choose not to enjoy their retirement.

I suppose that I can’t convince everyone. If you, like me, see the benefit of moving into an active senior community, please call or stop by today, before you think of a ridiculous reason of your own to delay your ideal retirement.

Great memories have yet to be made. Start making yours today.

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