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Can I Move In Quick?

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No matter what stage you buy your home, it seems that you can never move in soon enough. This can be tricky when it involves moving out of an old home and into a new one. Schedules can be very difficult to line up perfectly.

But what if you haven’t even put a new house under contract yet, and you want or need to move out of your current home asap?

Add onto that, that you’re over 55 years old and want to move into an age restricted community for active adult?

Now let’s consider that you’ve seen the value in choosing Utah’s premiere builder of senior communities. The question is:

Do you have any homes ready for me to buy and move into today?

It’s all about the timing

Springtime is almost here, and for many of you, that means playtime. The great outdoors beckon, and the last thing you want to do with all this coming good weather, is spending time in your garage, unboxing and organizing your house.

Wouldn’t it be nice if you could get all your moving done now, so that you have all spring and summer to enjoy the sunshine? For us, we usually find that the holidays are our slowest time of the year. Most people are thinking more about Christmas than about moving.

This year has been no different, but now that we’re entering the peak homebuying season, you might be wondering when you could move into one of our communities.

For the last few years, we’ve been playing catchup to the market. Coming off of this last holiday season, we actually have a couple of homes available right now or at the very least, within a month.

Midas Creek Villas

Most of our communities are sold out for the next couple of months, though there is occasionally people who cancel contracts and so it never hurts to keep checking in. But if you’re in the market to move today, or within the next month, our Midas Creek Villas neighborhood is the one for you.

Located just off of Anthem Blvd in Herriman, this luxury adult community is building up fast.

We just finished four new homes, and we still have one of them, our largest and most popular floorplans, that is available for sale. (Between the time I wrote this, and the time I published it, we sold this particular home, but we still do have a couple that haven’t sold yet that will be ready in about a month). This Grandview floorplan,  has had all the upgrades chosen by our professional team of interior decorators, so it’s sure to please.

Also, within the next month, we’ll have two more of Grandviews in this subdivision ready to move into. I don’t expect these homes to be on the market for very long, so if you are looking to buy, close, and move into one of our 55+ communities within the next few weeks, you’d better hurry on over, because our next few buildings to be completed are filling up fast.

Enjoying the season

Every season has its perks. Winter is great for the holidays. Spring is a great time to plant flowers and watch the world come alive. Summer is the best time to take those long hikes and enjoy all the great scenery that Utah is famous for.

This in-between time, as we transition from Winter to Spring, is one of the best times to move. Enjoy the warm comforts of your brand-new home from Leisure Villas, as you unpack and get ready for the play weather that is just around the corner.

We look forward to seeing you here, and so do your future neighbors.

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